[QnA] Cowboy GoGo!

Cowboy GoGo suggestions and questions for


  1. Hey i really like the game for the itouch. If you ever need a beta tester im up for it. It would be cool though if you could add in game friends.-thanks, Alex

  2. thanks, Alex.
    GoGo Cowboy is made by deligion.
    Deligion is very small company of south korea.

    GoGo Cowboy is made by almost only one man.
    GoGo Cowboy is completed just 10%.

    GoGO Cowboy MMORGP will be most cheap MMORPG of the world.
    GoGo Cowboy MMORGP will be MMORPG that has longest developing time.

    We need many volunteers
    translators, beta testers, publicity men....

    Thank you a lot of interest in our game "GoGo Cowboy".